Friends! I give away 10 000 masks in Moscow for free to those who don’t have the money to buy them. I personally breed.

My name is Alexander Yakovlev. I am the founder and leader of the musical group Grand Melody Orchestra.

April 13, 2020, I launched a charity project – #ЯТЕБЕПОМОГУ (#IWILLHELPYOU)

For my money I bought several thousand disposable medical masks on Avito and I want to share masks for free with those who do not have money for them. With those who were left without work, without livelihoods, without support. Regardless of gender, age and nationality.

How and where can I get masks?

To receive free masks, you need to leave a request on the project website (I’ll give a link in the comments to this post) – I will contact everyone, specify the address and tell you when I can bring the masks. I remind you that this is absolutely free.

Please, if you have the opportunity to buy masks on your own – do not leave a request. Think of those who do not have such an opportunity.

Why am I doing this?

I am a musician. For the last 2 years, I have been working mainly on one project – the musical group Grand Melody Orchestra. Now I, like many, have been left without work. My earnings directly depend on the availability of concerts, which are no longer there. For many years, people paid us, artists, money for the opportunity to attend our concerts, today I want to help stay healthy for as many people as possible. I have the opportunity to help for free – and I do it.

Can I buy masks?

No. Masks that are distributed as part of the #ЯТЕБЕПОМОГУ (#IWILLHELPYOU) project are free. I do not sell masks or other protective equipment.

How to help the project?

Make a repost – it increases the likelihood that the one who needs help will find out about the project.

You can support the project with money. All funds received will be used to purchase new masks. One mask for bulk purchase on Avito costs from 32 to 40 rubles. If you know where you can buy masks cheaper – let me know. Details and detailed information are on the project website.

You can join the project and deliver masks to the needy with me. To do this, you can contact me at the phone number specified in the contacts.

I want to thank my friends who are already helping me in the implementation of this project – Kirill Levin, Andrey Maslov, Sergey Morzhov, Maria Rovneiko, Yana Egorova, Dmitry Moskvichev.