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Grand Melody Orchestra is a unique orchestra which has no parallel in Russia. The orchestra gives a new life to classical Russian folk music with the help of modern technologies.


Russian Orchestra which plays brand new version of Russian folk music. From Moscow.

The main aim of Grand Melody Orchestra is to revive the great heritage of Russian music. Grand Melody Orchestra is ready to follow the path of progress, adding unique electronic sound to classical compositions, perform on different stages, populirize Russian culture and do anything that is needed to be heard!

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Friends! I give away 10 000 masks in Moscow for free to those who don’t have the money to buy them. I personally breed. My name is Alexander Yakovlev. I…

On the stage of State Kremlin Palace

Concert On the stage of State Kremlin Palace On October 19, 2018, on the stage of State Kremlin Palace there was a concert of the Producing center of Alexander Yakovlev,…

The making of a debut video

On August 15, 2018, the making of a debut video of Grand Melody Orchestra started. It was the clip to “Kalinka”. The main part was filmed in the studio of…